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Baby Milestone Cards Rosemood

Baby Milestone Cards

One day your baby is cuddled up against you in the hospital and before you know it, he or she starts to crawl! Your baby’s first year passes in a flash so capture every precious moment with the help of our baby milestone cards! Take a photo of your bundle of joy each month with one of these milestone cards and then use the reverse to record your favourite moments so far! Treasure your milestone cards for years to come and share them with your baby year’s down the line to relive their first 12 months!

Baby milestone cards Ernest & Célestine
baby girl and boy milestone cards

© Ernest & Célestine

Set of 15 cards
Sweet Melody Baby Milestone Cards
Treasuring your milestone photos

Sweet Melody

Set of 15 cards

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15 cards, 15 photos, a year’s worth of precious memories!

The first few months with a baby can be a little hectic so these baby milestone cards act as a beautiful reminder to capture the key milestones of baby’s first year. Take the time at the start of each month to photograph your baby alongside the relevant card and to reflect on your favourite moments with baby so far, noting them down on the reverse of each card. At the end of his or her first year, you will have 15 stunning photos and a host of precious memories that can be shared and enjoyed for years to come!

Exclusive designs for your baby girl and boy milestone cards

Whether you were blessed with a girl, a boy or even twins, you can use these illustrated baby milestone cards to record each month of your baby’s first year. Our teams have carefully designed two baby milestone card collections that will be a stunning addition to your baby photos. Choose our botanical baby milestone cards to mark each month with elegant watercolour foliage, with these delicate branches encircling your child’s age in months or one of three milestones: first smile, first solid foods and crawling. Otherwise, opt for our Ernest & Celestine collection to celebrate your baby’s first three weeks and each month with an adorable mouse or bear illustration from the classic French series created by Belgian author and illustrator Gabrielle Vincent. Both of our unisex baby milestone card collections will turn into a beautiful keepsake that will help you remember precious moments from your child’s first 12 months!

Milestone cards: an ideal baby gift for new parents

Looking for the perfect gift idea for some new parents? They are sure to love our baby milestone cards! These stunning cards will be a lovely prompt to new parents to take a moment each month to photograph their baby alongside each card and to note down some of the precious moments spent with baby and any developmental milestones they may have celebrated. Think first smile, first tooth, first solid foods or the all important starting to crawl.  Our baby milestone cards are presented in a specially designed case that will allow the parents to treasure their cards for years to come! You could also treat them to a Rosemood gift card to help them print their monthly photos!  As a thank you for this lovely gift, you may even be sent the photo from each month helping you keep track of how fast your loved one’s baby is growing. 

Get creative with your baby milestone cards

Whilst these baby milestone cards give you the prompt to take a photo each month, you can get creative with how exactly you use them. You can stick to the same pose and backdrop each month so that you can see just how much your baby has grown and changed over the month, or bearing in mind that baby’s aren’t always the most cooperative, you may need to seize the moment and simply slip them alongside your baby as your photograph a more spontaneous moment! Laying the milestone cards alongside your sleeping baby is an easy option for the first few months and later on you can have your baby hold the cards themselves. Involving parents and siblings is also nice so do not hesitate to step in front of the lens with your baby or have a proud brother or sister hold the card during the first months! Stick to key milestones when recording your memories on the reverse or get creative adding in a note of who your baby met that month, the places they visited or a funny anecdote of how they kept Mum and Dad on their toes. 

Treasuring your milestone photos

At the end of your baby’s first year, you will have a collection of 15 stunning photos that will show just how much your baby has grown and how he or she changed over the first 12 months of his or her life. These photos will be ones that you will want to share with loved ones and even share with baby years down the line. Turn these monthly snaps into photo prints or a nursery poster to be displayed in your baby’s room or a baby photo album you and your loved ones can enjoy. Keep your photos with your baby milestone cards by sticking your cards into your photo album or leave your cards inside the specially designed case to store them away to look back at in years to come.