Displaying Christmas Cards

Let the decorating begin

When the winter’s frost has made itself at home, there is nothing quite like cheery Christmas cards from a loved one to warm the soul. And yet, once you have begun decorating your home ready for the holidays, finding a way to display them all is no mean feat! We have pulled together some of our favourite Christmas card display ideas to help you to save space and spruce up your home with a little festive flair.

Displaying your Christmas cards

Hanging your Christmas Cards

When all your surfaces are adorned with advent calendars, candles and floral garlands, hanging your Christmas cards is the perfect way to optimise your available space whilst brightening up your interiors. If you have a selection of tent-fold landscape cards, simply hang them on a piece of twine strung horizontally. For more traditional Christmas cards that open sideways, you may prefer to peg them to a vertical strip of coloured ribbon so their joyful designs can be clearly seen and enjoyed by all! 

DIY Christmas Card display

Each individual card you receive is a little work of art, so why not piece them together to build a masterpiece? Creating a Christmas tree of greetings cards is an inspired way of doubling the festivities to fill a patch of bare wall in your home. And if you’re keen to be kind to the planet, this is the perfect replacement for a real Christmas tree that also upcycles your cards! Fix your holiday cards together in the shape of a Christmas tree with a stapler, then either tack it to the wall or hang it from a hook. To add to the effect, carefully select Christmas tree, holly or wreath Christmas cards for your artwork in green and leafy foliage! For the finishing touch, place a guiding star on top and zigzag tinsel down your fake fir tree!

If you love the bunting trend that is back in style, you can bring a country-fete vibe to your yuletide festivities by transforming your retro Christmas cards into garlands! Simply hold the folded edge of the card across the top and cut downwards to create a V-shaped triangle that opens out into a diamond. You can then hang the cards over some horizontally-strung ribbon and staple them in place. And if the Christmas spirit has you feeling jolly and light-hearted, go ahead and create a cute corner for Christmas kisses by hanging your mistletoe Christmas cards!

Christmas Card decorations

Luxury Christmas cards make great decorations to replace or accompany baubles on your tree. Not only are they environmentally friendly and completely recyclable, but they also will save you precious pennies when it comes to purchasing tree ornaments! Opt for gold foil Christmas cards to hang on your tree – they will look stunning as they reflect your twinkling fairy lights! You can use straight-edged or crimping scissors to trim your cards into ovals or circles, keeping the folded edge intact. Then punch a hole at the top, loop through some coloured ribbon and tie it to a branch in a bow! Stars or angels typically sit on the top branch of the tree, so you can choose your favourite star Christmas card to double-up as a tremendous tree topper.