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Passionate about art and folklore from all over the world, Chloé Chapeaublanc, textile designer and art director, founded her art studio Holy Fibers has been working under the pseudonym of the same name since 2016. 

Chloé first worked in the publishing and communication fields before turning to textile design, where she worked for a children's clothing brand for several years. After setting up her art studio Chloé now offers her expertise to brands such as Ferm Living, The Nice Fleet, Nature & Découvertes and Monoprix.

Chloé draws her inspiration from the beauty of everyday life, cultivating a unique and delicate world full of rich and natural tones, where wild animals and plants escape beneath her brushstrokes Chloé creates beautiful tales and clever patterns. She seeks authenticity in her work and treats her illustrations as if they were crafted by hand, bringing to life the movement, the texture of the object by utilising the brushstrokes and the grain of the paper? She loves to incorporate trends from around the world into her work. 

Collections from Holy

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