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Strasbourg, Kraków and Berlin are the three cities that have had a hand in inspiring Marguerite Courtieu’s work. Marguerite is both delicate and avant-garde, mixing colours with great expertise and expressing the spirit of her multi-cultural adventures on paper. Upon her return to Paris, she continued experimenting with her every playful forms and colours.

Marguerite has a fundamental belief that good design should not be reserved solely for the adult world. She uses a hint of subtle fantasy to design children’s photo albums, musical books and art books. With this strong conviction that art and design are ageless, Marguerite is often invited into primary school classrooms.

Like many of her own designs, Marguerite has a spontaneous spirit and prefers to tackle challenges and obstacles head-on than to find a way around them. This also stands true for her passion for mountain climbing – from the heights of Paris to the mountains of Vercors. You will often find her drinking Coca-Cola, her hair in braids, blushing at the first sign of a compliment. She also has quite a soft spot for her classmates, adventure-mates and just plain mates Marion and Tomoë.

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