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As a youngster, she was often told to get her head out of the clouds and even now that she is in her thirties, Marie is still a dreamer! She expresses her dreamy vision of the world with her delicate and poetic designs.

A mother of two, one boy and one girl, Marie began her career with a year of artistic preparation followed by two years at the École de Mode in Paris. Marie, like many before her, fell head over heels in love with Paris. She has since moved from Paris to Nantes and has debuted some rather exciting professional projects.

Marie worked as a graphic designer for Chloé Kids, discovering her passion for children’s design. After the arrival of her daughter, she decided to continue her adventure independently, creating her own website My Lovely Thing in 2013. She was delighted to see her customers take a liking to her charming posters, portraits and textiles and to see Rosemood’s customers do the same with her lovely stationery designs.

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Christening Stickers
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