Create your personalised RSVP cards

Wedding RSVP cards are a practical way to may it as easy as possible for your guests to reply to your kind wedding invitations. Rosemood offers a range of RSVP cards that a designed to match each of our wedding invitations and to become a stylish addition to your wedding stationery suite. Take a look at our advice on how to create the perfect RSVP cards for your wedding, with advice on everything from RSVP wording to how you can save your guests time by preparing your RSVP envelopes in advance!

Do I need to send RSVP cards?

  • No, there is no obligation to send RSVP cards with your wedding invitations, but it is traditional to do so. 
  • RSVP cards make it much easier for your guests to accept or decline your kind invitation, especially if you pre-address the envelopes.
  • Giving guests response cards will save you having to calculate you headcount based on phone calls, emails, facebook messages and other forms of communication. 
  • Providing your guests with wedding RSVP cards is an easy way for you to keep track of who is attending and can also give you the opportunity to gather information such as dietary requirements, meal choices and song suggestions.
  • Seeing RSVP cards drop into your letterbox will also help build your excitement for the big day! 

Choose your favourite design for your RSVP cards

To help give your wedding stationery one cohesive look, our wedding RSVP cards have been designed to match our corresponding wedding invitations and guest information cards. Opt for the matching response cards or mix it up a little bit by choosing the same design but in a different colour to create a modern mix and match wedding stationery suite. Rosemood offers a range of matching response cards with everything from luxurious foiled RSVP cards to more rustic kraft RSVP cards. Our wedding RSVP cards can also be bought as stand-alone pieces of wedding stationery if required, and come with envelopes in the colour of your choice.

When choosing your personalised RSVP card design you will want to bear your wedding theme, style and colour scheme in mind. If the RSVP cards that you like don’t come in your wedding colour then do not fret, as we can adapt some of our designs to meet your needs by carrying out advanced personalised changes. Simply get in touch with our friendly customer team to see if we can make your RSVP card ideas a reality and whether these changes will involve a one-off extra fee to cover the time it takes the graphic designers to create the bespoke version of your RSVP cards.

Choose your RSVP wording

RSVP cards are a simple, yet effective, piece of wedding stationery, but it isn’t always obvious what to write to prompt your guests to reply. As with all of your wedding stationery, your personalised RSVP wording should reflect your style as a couple and that of your wedding. Your wedding RSVP cards should include:

  • An RSVP deadline- it is important to decide upon an RSVP deadline with your wedding suppliers to ensure that they have enough time to finalise the details and you have enough time to chase any last minute responses.
  • Space for your guests’ names: Have your guest sign their names on the dotted line or write out their names by hand in advance to ensure that you know who the returned RSVP cards are from.
  • Response options: Make it as easy as possible for your guests to reply by adding tick box response options so that they can let you know if they “accept with pleasure” or “decline with regret” your invitation.

Personalised RSVP cards can also be a great place to ask your wedding guests for their menu choices in advance or even some song suggestions for your evening reception. Take a look at our dedicated RSVP wording page for a more in-depth look at what to include on your RSVP cards and to discover our RSVP card wording examples in both a traditional and informal style.

Choose your finishing touches to make your RSVP cards unique

The personalisation of your wedding RSVP cards goes far beyond the choice of RSVP wording! Rosemood offers you a choice of various finishing touches that will help you create truly unique RSVP cards.

  • High-quality paper: Rosemood has carefully selected four high-quality paper types, with each being suited best to different RSVP card designs.
  • Corner types: Choose from square or rounded corners, bearing in mind that rounded corners incur a small surcharge.
  • Coloured envelopes: Rosemood offers a range of envelopes to match your response cards. White or ivory envelopes are included in the price.

To help give you a feel for our different envelopes colours and paper types we are happy to offer free samples of our wedding stationery, which include a variety of wedding stationery designs printed on each of our high-quality paper types, accompanied by a few of our coloured envelopes. You can also order personalised samples of your RSVP cards if you want to see your specific design in print before placing a full order. If you can’t make up your mind between two types of finishing touches then why not order personalised samples of each so that you can see them for yourself!

Present your wedding RSVP cards with your wedding invitations

If you are wondering how to send your RSVP cards then Rosemood is here to help. Our RSVP cards are designed to accompany your wedding invitations and guest information cards in delicate bundles that you can then post off to your guests. These bundles of wedding stationery are created using our wedding belly bands. Take a look at our wedding belly band tutorial to see how you can secure your RSVP cards and envelopes to your wedding invitations to ensure that there is no risk of them getting lost!  

Preparing your wedding RSVP card envelopes

The price of your RSVP cards includes envelopes in the colours of your choice. Take a look at our hints on tips on how to prepare your wedding RSVP card envelopes to leave your guests without an excuse not to get them straight in the post!

  • Pre-address the envelopes for your RSVP cards to make it easy for your guests to send them back to you.
  • It is customary to also add a stamp to your RSVP card envelopes in advance.
  • You can choose whether you want to write out your full names or just your first names.
  • You can order your envelopes in advance before receiving your RSVP cards to give you extra time to pre-address the envelopes.