"Christmas Jumpers" - 8 gift tags  New


The knitting like designs on these "Christmas jumpers” Christmas gift tags will recall those winter woollies that you dig out of the wardrobe every year ready to face the cold of the winter season. These gift tags are sure to add a touch of cosiness to your Christmas presents under the tree. If you are looking to give a more vintage feel to your personalised Christmas gifts this year then tie some rustic twine through the pre-punched holes of these Christmas gift tags and use a simple brown wrapping paper to really make the knitting motif really stand out.

The reverse of these Christmas gift tags echoes the knitted stitch design on the front, and half of the reverse has been left blank for you to add a personalised message to your friends and family, written in your best penmanship. Each order will contain two sheets of four gift tags, giving you two of each shape and design.These Christmas gift tags are really easy to use and can be stuck directly onto a present or you can use a festive ribbon to tie them to a gift bag. If the Christmas jumper style design inspires you then you may also like our "Christmas Jumper" Christmas cards.

  • 2 sets of 4 gift tags 5 x 7 cm each
  • Pre-perforated gift tags
Orders dispatched the following day
(for all orders without additional personalised stationery)