"Winter Wonderland" - 8 gift tags  New


Make wrapping your gifts this year as fun as opening them with our “Winter Wonderland” Christmas gift tags. What better way to give a certain charm to your Christmas presents this year than by adding a cheeky polar bear or a sly fox creeping across a snowy tundra. Our Christmas gift tags are sure to put a smile on your loved ones' faces and are great for adults and children alike. These Christmas gift tags take a step away from the traditional Christmas motifs and will look great with any blue toned wrapping paper or gift bags.

These Christmas gift tags are easy to use and can be stuck directly onto your presents or you can tie a festive ribbon through the pre-punched hole to add them to a gift bag. That will just leave you to add your heartfelt messages in the designated space on the reverse side of each of the eight Christmas gift tags. If whilst you are adding these beautiful Christmas gift tags to your presents, you suddenly realise that you have missed someone special from your Christmas list, our stationery sets could be the perfect last-minute gift.

  • 2 sets of 4 gift tags 5 x 7 cm each
  • Pre-perforated gift tags
Orders dispatched the following day
(for all orders without additional personalised stationery)