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Summer memories to last a lifetime!

Whether you spent your summer with family or friends, lounging on the beach or discovering new horizons, one thing is for sure, you will want to capture every precious moment. Put your favourite photos down on paper to dive back into your summer memories all year round.

Softcover Photo Books Rosemood

Kickstart your softcover photo book collection

Have your favourite holiday pictures make the headlines on our magazine-style photo books. Make creating a travel photo book your new summer tradition and have it line your shelves, ready to be flicked through again and again by the whole family. You can even treat the loved ones who joined you on holiday to a copy of your favourite photos with 25% off identical copies! 

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25% off identical copies

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Printed Hardcover Photo Book Atelier Rosemood

A photo book filled with your favourite discoveries

Our printed hardcover photo book are ideal for printing your summer holiday photos. Relive each unforgettable moment by filling the pages with precious moments by the sea with your favourite people or photos of your new favourite places.

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15% off identical copies

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Photo Prints Atelier Rosemood

Display your holiday pictures with pride

If you didn’t go anywhere without your camera this summer, we are sure that your camera roll is bursting to the seams with stunning photos that deserve to be seen! Turn your holiday photos into decorative photo prints to show off your pictures in their full glory and to add a touch of summer to your space all year round!

From £1.20 per print
Minimum purchases apply depending on the format

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Fabric Photo Books for every occasion

Immortalise your summer of a lifetime

If this was a summer like no other, print the moments that mattered most in one of our luxury fabric hardcover photo books. Whether you went on a trip of a lifetime, married the one your love or welcomed a new addition to the family this summer, our elegant fabric photo book are worthy of your greatest summer adventures!

From £85
10% off identical copies

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Noteboook Atelier Rosemood

Your faithful summer notebook

Slip your personalised notebook into your beach bag this summer to plan your sightseeing itinerary and to note down your favourite memories. With a range of softback and hardback notebooks to choose from, you are sure to find a travel journal to suit your style.

From £16
15% off identical copies

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Capture the summer sun | Photography Tips

Take the perfect holiday photos with these expert tips!

1. Give your photo a story: A photo should reflect an idea, emotion or moment in time. So choose your subject carefully, eliminate possible distractions (street signs, rubbish bins, etc.) and then focus on the surroundings and their details. 

2. Think in thirds: Create a balanced image by applying the so-called ‘rule of thirds’. Imagine dividing the shot into 9 equal squares and place your subject (therefore the focus of your photo) in a square or along one of the intersections.

3. Time of day: Avoid taking photos in the midday sun and make sure your subject isn't looking directly in the direction of the sun. Shoot with your back to the sun in order to capture for vibrant, high-contrast colours

4. Spontaneity: The best photographs usually happen unexpectedly. Have your camera or mobile phone at hand wherever possible.

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Print your summer holiday pictures

Have your summer holiday last forever, whether you are by the sea, in the mountains or countryside, our phone or camera seems to be our trusted companion everywhere we go. We take a countless number of photos of our friends, family or partners that for the most part end up being forgotten about, so why not ensure you can treasure these places, moments and people for more than just a click of a button. Display or document your photos on one of our chic photo products and give those precious memories a second lease of life. Check out our selection of summer essentials for printing your holiday photos, an album filled with photos from that surprisingly fun road trip around Britain, a photo book of your child's first summer camp, a collection of photo prints of those long summer evenings by the beach you can hang in your home, or send as a postcard... there really is something for every style and every taste! If you are looking to prolong those summer memories and think of yourself as a bit of a writer then why not personalise a photo notebook with your best travel shots and add a touch of escapism to your everyday life. We have designed modern and elegant photo products with high-quality finishes to last for years. Choose from our selection of quality papers and with our premium printing methods, we will take care of every detail to make sure your holiday memories last a lifetime!

Create a personalised gift using your holiday photos

Gather all your favourite holiday photos and start turning them into original gift ideas for you and the family, or why not use your favourite scenic shot to create the perfect personalised gift for a special someone. Let yourself be inspired by your own photography work and create beautiful personalised photo books, notebooks or photo prints that will take you and your loved ones on a journey back in time to that wonderful summer. Create your very own souvenirs with your travel photos on our website or via the mobile application. Add a few captions: places, dates, anecdotes or encounters that have made a lasting impression on you and recall those hazy summer days for years to come. Let your imagination run wild and make your holiday photos into truly decorative pieces that will spruce up your home or delight friends and family, who will be so happy to receive a unique, personalised gift! Our proofreaders will check through your texts and our graphic designers will harmonise your layouts to guarantee a perfect result when printed. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service for any questions you may have about our products or personalising your order. You can catch them by phone, email or chat, they will be more than happy to help you.

Relive your summer memories all year round

As the refreshing summer breeze begins to die down and the green leaves of summer start to change, September floats in with a touch of nostalgia and the promise of new beginnings. Take this opportunity to brighten up and reclaim your space with some of your favourite summer holiday photos that will bring joy and colour back into the home. With a head (and camera) full of lovely memories, take the time to reminisce and appreciate those sweet moments together. Document all those crazy, funny stories in a sleek travel journal or pull together all your photos in a travel photo book or why not hang your best travel memories proudly on your wall with elegant travel photo prints to liven up that office space. Create everlasting summer memories with your favourite photos and relive those best moments every day thanks to our great selection of photo products, all designed, created, and made with love in our printing studio in Nantes, France!