Welcome to Rosemood, lovely to meet you!

Purveyors of personalised stationery

Rosemood is a young French company specialised in the creation and production of personalised stationery on Rosemood.co.uk! Our goal is simple yet ambitious, to make sure that every single customer is absolutely delighted with their order of custom cards, treating each save the date, invitation and thank you card as if it were our own. Our aim is to go above and beyond, that's why we work with talented designers whose creations we love and surround ourselves with a passionate team of Rosemooders that are eager to help our customers.

We promise to make your cards absolutely perfect!

At Rosemood we all come together to make sure that every card is perfect, treating each creation as if it were our own. Each member of our team puts their heart into perfecting your personalised stationery. Our "secret sauce" (and worst kept secret) is our full design review. Our proofreaders double check each card while our graphic designers ensure that each photo looks its best and that each card is perfectly balanced.

The story behind Rosemood

Rosemood grew out of a need of its three French co-founders Hélène, Grégoire and Antoine to find beautiful personalised cards to announce the arrivals of their little ones. When they couldn't find the perfect cards to suit their needs and realised they weren't alone, Rosemood.fr was born (then FairepartNaissance.fr). That was in Paris in 2010. Since then, a lot has changed but Rosemood stays true to its founding principles of carefully crafted personalised stationery and extraordinary customer service. Rosemood is now based in Nantes, just two hours from Paris, with an in-house printing studio.

From 3 people to 3 countries

After creating the Atelier Rosemood in 2010, founders Hélène, Grégoire and Antoine have dedicated the last seven years to improving every detail of their service to create the customer experience that they themselves would hope for when creating their own personalised stationery online. Rosemood Germany joined the ranks in 2013 and the long-awaited Rosemood UK was launched in June of 2017. The Rosemood team may have grown from 3 people to 3 countries but remains a tight-knit community where collaborators care deeply for each other and of course, our customers.