Rosemood commitment to the environment

Our commitment to the environment

Working to constantly improve our product offering only means something if it also allows us to have a positive impact on the world around us, whether that be on a social or ecological level. We strongly believe that companies have a huge role to play on both axes, so read on to find out about how we are trying to do our bit.

Offsetting our carbon emissions

As a printer and provider of paper goods, Rosemood is an avid consumer of paper and we are deeply aware of the impact this has on the environment and are trying to do everything in our power to limit this negative impact. We are fully committed to doing our bit in preserving the planet for future generations!

Since 2016, we have calculated our carbon emissions each year so as to offset them completely. To do so, we provide funding to an ecological program chosen by our teams. This program is actively fighting against deforestation in Congo, ensuring that trees are replanted on sites affected by deforestation in the past and providing funds to help local communities build schools and hospitals.


Offsetting our carbon emissions

Over 100 jobs in Nantes

Looking back to where we began, we could not be more proud of how far we have come in creating a whole host of jobs for young workers in our dynamic community. For the doubting Thomas out there, we hope to show you that it is possible to create jobs for others as long as you believe in your goal and know that you can help develop your local area.

Rosemood is also proud of the diversity and inclusiveness that prevail in the workplace.

Many firms can boast of teams with great CVs but few can proudly say their employees are much more than a great resumé: here at Rosemood we believe we go far beyond that! 

Job creation in Nantes

Environmental certification

Atelier Rosemood is certified Imprim’Vert, a French standard used by printers who respect the environment. This shows that we are committed to collecting and sorting our dangerous waste, abstain from using toxic chemicals, and educate our employees and customers on the importance of the environment.

All our paper is certified under the FSC system. Our paper types are made from wood fibres from certified FSC forests, recycled materials and/or materials from well-managed forests. By purchasing products with an FSC label, you are helping protect the world's woodlands. 

Find out more about Imprim'Vert.

Environmental certification

Clean energy

All of the energy used in our in-house printing studio is green! We purchase renewable energy from wind turbines, hydroelectricity and solar panels.

This is one of the advantages of printing all of our beautiful personalised stationery and photo albums ourselves; we get to choose our supplies (energy, raw materials ...) in line with the values that we hold dear!

Clean and renewable energy

Next stop?

Our current efforts are only just the beginning! We have been looking at how we can reduce the impact of our packaging and choose even more sustainable paper types.

We are also rethinking other elements of our production process over which we have a direct influence, but there are still certain things that depend on our partners as well, such as printing norms. Luckily, things are getting better with time as everyone becomes more eco-conscious. Our latest industrial printer, for example, has a practically non-existent carbon footprint, so with each technological advancement, our production should become more and more green!

Whatsmore, we are now committed to improving our social engagement to be in a position to reach out to those in our community who need our help! As we continue to brainstorm on new ways of engaging our community, do not hesitate to get in touch with us to share your ideas or thoughts. There's so much good we can do together!

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