Premium Thick Photo Prints

Livening up your space doesn’t have to involve DIY and holes in the wall! Simply stand up one of our premium thick photo prints to update your décor.

  • Stand up against a wall or object
  • Layered double-thickness matte paper
  • Responsible production: Offset carbon emissions

Format and Quantities

15 x 15
30 x 30
30 x 21
40 x 30
20 x 15
24 x 18
21 x 30
30 x 40
15 x 20
18 x 24

From £4.00 per print - Minimum purchases apply depending on the format

Photo prints that stand up as well as out!

Displaying your photos couldn’t be easier thanks to our double-thickness photo prints. No need for a frame or even picture hooks, all you have to do is pose this extra-thick photo print on your shelf, leaning it up against the wall. With a variety of formats to choose from, you can curate your very own collection to create a striking display. A simple change of print will breathe a new lease of life into your space and will not go unnoticed by anyone visiting your home.

Premium Thick Photo Prints

The Rosemood Touch

We apply our usual extremely high standards to all of our photo prints!

  • Automatic photo retouching service available
  • Printed and finished to perfection at our very own studio
  • A customer service team to help you every step of the way

Rest assured that your photos are in safe hands.

Product details:

  • Responsible production: Offset carbon emissions
  • No need for a frame: can be leaned against a wall or object
  • 805 gsm paper for smaller prints, 1130 gsm for our three largest formats.
  • 10 formats available with a range of templates
  • Add up to 9 photos per page
  • 5-colour printing to guarantee beautiful colour representation
  • Automatic photo retouching available

Exclusive to Rosemood, exclusive to your décor

Our double-thickness photo prints were created from scratch with you in mind! Designed to stand up against an object or wall in your home, these premium photo prints allow you to turn your favourite photos into a unique addition to your space. Unrivalled printing and paper quality offer you the chance to create personalised photo prints like no other, with a wide range of templates not available anywhere else!

Displaying your photo prints

How do we create your premium thick photo prints? 

“We use an artisanal laminating and layering technique that unites impeccable printing quality with meticulous production. We start by printing your photos on premium matte photo paper that has a light textured grain. Our printing experts will then press this paper together with a rigid paper base in order to create an extra-thick paper that turns your photo into a decorative item to stand directly on your shelves! Our double thickness prints are a work of art worthy of pride of place in your home

Caroline, Head of Product Innovation

How do we create double thickness prints

What's more

Check out our premium photo prints

Premium Photo Prints

Premium Photo Prints

2 paper types for 2 stunning finishes

A range of formats for your wall art prints

Whether taking photos with a professional camera or your smartphone, this laminating or layering technique allows for an exceptional finish for all of your photos. Choose between our landscape, portrait or square photo print sizes and formats to suit the format of your favourite photos, ready to turn them into a work of art. Often used for photo competitions or exhibitions, these thick photo prints are particularly resistant and can be stood up against a wall or an object without the need for a frame. This will also allow you to add a touch of elegance and style to your wall art at home without having to embark on a DIY project! We do all the hard work so that you can simply enjoy your photo prints!

Carefully selected premium photo paper for your prints

These double-thickness photo prints are a true alternative to framed prints and allow you to show off your favourite travel, wedding or family photos in their full glory. Your elegant photo prints will be printed at our very own studio in Nantes, France, where our teams go above and beyond to make sure that you will be just as proud to display your wall art prints as we are to produce them. Your photo will be printed on our premium matte paper before being pressed together with other layers of premium paper to create an extra thick photo print, that can be propped up against the wall or a decorative object.

Premium photo prints are a great gift idea

As well as treating yourself to a new addition to your décor, spoil friends and family with stunning photo prints of precious moments spent together. From holiday photos to wedding photo prints, our double-thickness photo prints are the perfect way to show off your favourite moments big or small. No need to search for a frame to fit their photo print as these thick photo prints can simply be leaned against the wall when placed on a shelf or propped up against anything from a vase to your pencil pot at work. These premium photo prints make the ideal gift for any occasion from birthdays to Christmas and you can guarantee that your loved ones will be wowed by the unbeatable quality of our paper and printing. For more gift ideas, you may wish to check out our standard premium photo prints ideal for popping into a frame.

Double thickness for double the impact

These double thickness prints involve printing your photo on a premium matte paper that is then pressed onto a strong base, consisting of multiple layers of paper. This thick yet light base creates a stable build-in support for your photos allowing you to stand them up on your shelves for years to come! This simple, yet effective method turns your everyday prints into a work of art and provides an easy way to refresh your décor. We have designed these double thickness photo prints from scratch and pour our hearts and soul into the printing of every single one to ensure that your favourite photos get the treatment that they deserve! If you have any questions about our premium thick photo prints, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team!