Choosing the photo format for your stationery and photo products

As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so our collections of personalised stationery and photo products help you announce good news or share your appreciation with photos! Our collections of personalised stationery, including photo wedding thank you cards and photo baby thank you cards, but also our photo prints and photo books, feature photo fields in various shapes and sizes. You can find square, landscape, portrait, round and even oval photo fields across our stationery designs, so choosing the correct format of personalised stationery and photo products for your favourite photos is very important. That is where our handy advice comes in hand! Take a look below for tips on how to adapt your stationery and photo products to your favourite photo or vice versa.

  • Choose personalised stationery that matches the orientation of your photo: It may seem obvious but if your favourite photo from your wedding is a portrait photo, it is best to choose wedding thank you cards in a portrait format. Adding a portrait photo to a landscape photo field, or vice versa, will leave black borders either side of, or above and below, your photograph.
  •  Remember that square photo fields will result in parts of a portrait or landscape photo being cut off: our online editing tool will automatically adjust the size of your photo so that it fits into the photo field provided. Therefore if you insert a rectangular photo into a square photo field, the edges of the photo will no longer be visible.
  •  Don’t forget that we may be able to adapt the photo fields as part of our advanced personalised changes. If you have your heart set on a design but would like to add multiple photos or to add a photo in a different shape or size, then get in touch with our friendly customer service team, who will work with our graphic designers to see if we can adapt our personalised stationery to your needs.

Landscape photo fields

Our landscape photo fields are ideal for group shots from your wedding or photos of your little one lying down.

Photo advice on landscape photos for stationery

Portrait photo fields

As the name suggests portrait photo fields are ideal for family portraits or a lovely snap of the happy couple standing on their wedding day.

Portrait photos for your personalised stationery

Square photo fields

Square photo fields are suitable for almost all types of photos and are ideal for zooming in on certain details, so use them to show off your wedding ring or your baby’s tiny features.

Photo advice Square photos for your personalised stationery

Round and oval photo fields

Round or oval photo fields are ideal for photos where the subject is situated perfectly in the middle of the photo, whether that be baby photos or wedding photos.

Photo advice. Photos to fit oval designs of personalised stationery

Rest assured that our friendly customer service team and graphic designers are on hand to help you find the perfect photos for your personalised stationery. Our automatic retouching service will make sure that the photos in your photo books and on your photo prints are on point. If you are unsure about whether your photo is suitable for the format of personalised stationery that you have chosen, then do not hesitate to ask. We try to do everything we can to make sure that your photo is perfect as part of our complimentary retouching service, but choosing the correct format is already the first important step! Feel free to take a look at our article about photo book layout ideas if you are looking for layout inspiration.