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Photo Portfolio Albums

Photo Portfolio Albums

A photo book to showcase your work

Professional portfolios are an essential tool to display and present your work. It can also come in handy if you wish to commemorate your company’s achievements by gathering photos of special milestones and events, or memories from meetings with clients and suppliers. There are numerous ways to use a professional portfolio and our range of photo books will enable you to find the ideal one for your business. For any questions about our products, feel free to contact our customer service who will be very happy to help you.

softcover portfolio photo albums

Portfolio Photo Albums

Elegant magazine-style covers for timeless designs

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fabric hardcover portfolio photo albums

Portfolio Photo Albums

Albums worthy of your greatest works of art

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Hardcover Portfolio Photo Albums

Printed Hardcover
Portfolio Photo Albums

A timeless album to immortalise a special event

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Layflat Portfolio Photo Albums

Portfolio Photo Albums

The ideal photo book to display landscape photos

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Photography portfolio albums

A photo book is an ideal tool to present your art to potential customers. Set the theme of your photography portfolio by selecting your best photographs from a photo shoot. You can decide to create whatever album you wish according to your field of work. Will it be weddings, baby photos, portraits?

Pick a hardcover photo book for a modern style of work and carefully choose your cover picture to indicate the general feel of your book. A fabric photo book could also be a great choice if you wish to make a statement about the quality and refinement of your work. Its robust cover and sewn-bound pages will withstand the test of time and stay impeccable as multiple clients are flicking through your book.

For a vintage and exclusive style, the foil title gives an elegant touch that will not go unnoticed. This photo book is perfect for weddings and christenings, so get ready to put forward those beautiful photos of happy guests in their fancy clothes surrounded by colourful blooming flowers.

For a more contemporary and modern design, you might want to go with a softcover photo book. Their handling ability can be greatly appreciated by your clients who enjoy going back and forth through the pages. If you prefer to display your creations laid flat on a table for a crowd of curious buyers to take a peek, then the layflat photo book could be ideal. And if you would like to print photo books on behalf of your customer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team to benefit from our photographer discounts.

Create an art portfolio

Photo books are very useful to showcase your art to potential buyers and/or schools. You are sure to get the best print quality as our products are handcrafted in our workshop in Nantes, France. Go ahead and let your imagination run wild to put together your art portfolio. To do so, we advise you to set a general theme and keep a common thread to make sure that each page leads to the next one in the most logical way. This should make the jury/customer eager to flick through the pages and browse through the whole book. Avoid crowding the pages with photos as it will make the viewer confused and miss out on certain visuals. However, do have fun with the photo book layout, as there are no limits on how to best put forward your art. You could place your photos in different parts of the pages to surprise and intrigue your readers or play around with the edges for geometrical creations. Choose one of our fabric photo books with a foil-stamped title if you wish to give a refined feel that will intrigue and delight schools with a classic and vintage taste. However, if the viewer has a modern taste, then you might consider choosing a printed hardcover photo book.

Show off your work in a design portfolio

A design portfolio can be created through personalised photo books. Our photo books can be customised to your liking thanks to our personalisation option that gives many layout possibilities for you to showcase your work. You can add photos in any way that you believe will best put forward your designs. As well as being attractive, you want to make sure that the layout makes the book coherent and clear for your customers to read through. To help achieve a coherent portfolio, you can add captions to your photos such as the name of the product, what it is made of, its price and so on. Make sure that the reader understands what description goes with which design. Don’t hesitate to number the pictures if you believe that it will help the viewer see it clearer. You can also add titles to your pages if you wish to divide your work into sections.