It’s time to put a little fun back into your stationery with our collection of personalised notecards. Make a friend’s day with a thoughtful “thinking of you” card or let your childrens’ teachers know how much you appreciate them with cute thank you notecards. Our collection of note cards ranges from unique and modern to timeless and classic so you can send both quirky notes to close friends and traditional family stationery to new acquaintances. All of our personalised notecards are printed on high quality paper and come with envelopes in the colour of your choice. ... Read More

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Personalised note cards for every occasion

Resist the urge to pick up your phone or computer to send a message to your loved ones. Opt for a physical note card and make someone’s day when they discover something other than bills or adverts in their post box. Personalised note cards are perfect for almost any occasion, be it a birthday, a graduation, a retirement or just to say hello. You can mail our note cards as they come with envelopes in the colour of your choice or slip them in a loved one’s suitcase when they head off on a trip. Take a look at our guide on how to write your personalised note cards with suggestions for congratulations cards, thank you cards and invitations for different events. 

Let your imagination run wild with our blank note cards

Opt for one of our blank note cards to make your personalised stationery entirely your own. You can fill in blank note cards with love notes for your cheri or lovely little reminders for him to take out the trash (don’t shoot the messenger?). You can use blank notecards as miniature desk decorations, pretty bookmarks or dinner party place cards. With our blank note cards, the options are truly endless. Why not ensure that you always have blank note cards to hand for those unexpected occasions by stocking up on some of our beautiful stationery sets with envelopes.