Wedding Thank You Cards

Wedding Thank You Cards

Wrap up your wedding stationery with your wedding thank you cards. Sending wedding thank you cards is one of the most thoughtful ways to thank your guests for coming to your wedding and/or for giving you a wedding gift. Your thank you cards are your last little hint at the theme of your wedding and a great opportunity to send heartfelt thanks to your loved ones once the excitement of the big day has settled down a bit. You can personalise your wedding thank you cards with a longer message or keep it short and sweet with room to write extra personal thank you notes to your guests by hand. Another option chosen by newlywed couples is to order personalised photo wedding thank you cards with one or more of their favourite wedding day photos on one side and a thank you note on the other side. If you need help sorting through wedding thank you messages, certainly reach out to us for a bit of advice! ... Read More

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Unsure about the etiquette or wording of wedding thank you cards? Let us help!

Finding the perfect wedding thank you card wording can be tricky. Should you thank everyone for their presence or include a thank you for their gift? Should you include personalised wedding thank you messages for each individual guest or just stick to the basics? If you’re looking for a little guidance or advice, call us or send us a message and we would be happy to help. If you’re pinched for time, personalise your wedding thank you cards with a bit of a longer message and simply sign and send. If you have a little extra time (perhaps poolside during your honeymoon?) personalise your wedding thank you cards with a short and sweet message and add handwritten wedding thank you messages tailored to each guest. Take a look at our wedding thank you card wording page to find out more about the dos and don'ts of wedding thank you cards, as well as some suggested wedding thank you card texts.

Wedding thank you cards to match your wedding invitations

From save the date cards to wedding thank you card, give your guests a cohesive group of wedding stationery to show off your wedding style. Each of our wedding invitations was designed with its entire line of complementary products so that your wedding invitations, day-of paper goods and wedding thank you cards all compliment each other. Going for a more bohemian vibe? To avoid being too “matchy-matchy,” go ahead and mix and match multiple collections. Want to send formal wedding thank you cards to your in-laws and casual wedding thank you cards to your bridal party? That’s possible too, it’s all up to you!