The Perfect Paper for your Personalised Stationery

Paper is the most fundamental part of beautiful personalised stationery. We have carefully selected the following high-quality papers based on their look, feel and adaptability to digital printing techniques. You can see the quality of our paper first-hand by requesting free samples of our stationery. Now that we have narrowed it down to five options, it’s up to you to choose the best paper for your personalised creations (of course if you need any advice, we would be more than happy to help). You will be asked to choose your paper after confirming the personalisation of your design.

Traditional Textured Ivory Paper

A timeless high-quality ivory paper with a textured matte finish.

Traditional Textured Ivory Paper for wedding stationery
Our high-quality textured ivory paper has a light grain, giving it a classic feel that is ideal for traditional wedding stationery. This is our most popular paper and we understand why our customers love it... so do we!

Weight: 300 g/m²
Recommended Use: any of our stationery

Rosemood Smooth Matte Paper

An exclusively produced smooth matte paper.

Smooth Matte Paper for your personalised stationery

This classic white paper, produced exclusively for Rosemood, has a smooth finish for a modern look. This paper is ideal for printing large zones of colours but is also perfect for more detailed illustrations and photos.

Weight: 320 g/m²
Recommended Use: any of our stationery

Satin Coated Paper

For a glossy photo-like finish

Satin coated paper for your personalised stationery

This paper is printed and then coated with a clear glossy finish which gives your cards the look and feel of high-quality photo paper. This finish is one-sided so you can write on the back of your personalised stationery.

Weight: 350 g/m²
Recommended Use: any stationery with a photo on the front

Iridescent Paper

A slightly iridescent paper

Iridescent Paper for your personalised stationery

Our high-quality iridescent paper has a luminous pearly look to it. The sparkle and shine of this paper looks great on cards with large blocks of colour and adds a little something special to photos.

Weight: 300 g/m²
Recommended Use: any of our stationery