Printing your personalised stationery

Here at Rosemood we strive to provide you with personalised stationery of the highest quality and want all of our customers to be completely satisfied with their personalised cards or invitations. Whether we are printing baby announcements or wedding invitations we do everything that we can to ensure that the quality of our printing and paper is top notch. Our commitment to your personalised stationery means that you can trust us with stationery for life’s biggest and happiest occasions!

Rosemood Printing colour references

Digital printing

As far as printing techniques go, we opted for the best digital printer on the market to make sure that your personalised stationery looks great! This printing technique allows us to print small quantities of cards or invitations at a time and limits our paper waste. Digital printing also helps us offer you vivid and vibrant colours, bringing out the detail in our illustrated designs and allowing your personalised stationery to really make a statement. The printing of photos is also of a much higher quality, allowing your photo baby announcements or photo wedding thank you cards to print perfectly on our range of high-quality paper.

Foil stamping

In order to add a touch of luxury to some of our personalised cards and invitations, we use a traditional hot foil stamping machine to apply metallic foiling to the text or illustrations of our designs. We use an artisanal Heidelberg printing press that applies your choice of gold, silver or copper foil to your personalised stationery with the help of pneumatics and hot stencils. This work is carried out by our two foiling experts and is a huge labour of love.

Our commitment to the environment

Here at Rosemood, we take our commitment to the environment very seriously. Preservation of our beautiful planet is at the heart of today’s society and is vital for our future. We have adopted different strategies to help us work in a more ecological fashion, and all of our printing techniques respect the following regulations and certifications:

  • The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) standards, which focus on the principles of sustainable development and the traceability of wood used in production.
  • The UN Global Compact, which commits companies to work in line with universal principles regarding working standards, human rights, the environment and corruption.
  • Imprim’Vert, a French standard used by printers who respect the environment. This shows that we are committed to collecting and sorting our dangerous waste, abstain from using toxic chemicals, and educate our employees and customers on the importance of the environment.