Complimentary Retouching Service For Your Photo Books

Our retouching service will help you to make your photo books a real success. Once you have created your personalised photo book online, we go above and beyond to optimise the quality of your photos as best possible! Your photo book will not be printed until your text has been read by our proofreaders, the cover photo has been retouched by our graphic designers and the layout of the front and back cover has been optimised. The most important thing for us is that we help you create photo albums that you love, and are proud to show off. This is why our retouching service is included with every photo book.

1. Proofreading

We check the text added to your photobooks and correct any spelling mistakes.

Proofreading of your personalised photo books

We will proofread your texts of up to 500 words free of charge and make corrections where necessary. We can do so in English, French and German. For texts greater than 500 words, only the cover of your photo book will be checked by our proofreaders.

2. Manual retouching of your cover

Our team of talented graphic designers will check the quality of the photo on your photo book cover.

photo retouching for your photo book cover

We will check and optimise the quality of your cover photo. Please take note of the smiley face icons when adding your cover photo as this will give you an idea of how well your photo will print. If you were not alerted about the quality of your cover photo via a red sad face icon, and we have any concerns about the print quality of your cover image then we will get in touch.

3. Automated Photo Retouching

The rest of your photos will pass through our automated retouching system.

automated photo retouching for your personalised photo book

Our computer system will automatically retouch the contrast and saturation of your photos, where necessary, to harmonise the style of the photos across your photo books and to ensure that they will be printed in line with the settings of our top-notch digital printers. You should still take note of the smiley face indicators to get an idea of the print quality of your photos when choosing the most suitable layouts.

4. Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you're not fully satisfied with your photo book, let us know!

High-quality personalised photo books

We want you to love your photo book so if you are not fully satisfied with your photo book then please get in touch. Our customer service team will work with you and our graphic designers to make any possible adjustments to your photos and the necessary changes to your text to ensure that your new photo book better meets your expectations.