Foil Stamping For Your Personalised Stationery

A selection of our designs features our artisanal foil stamping. We can manually apply this high-quality finish to orders of 10 or more cards. If you would like to see our metallic foil finishes before sending your order to print, certainly don't hesitate to ask our friendly customer service team for samples. Whilst we aren't able to provide personalised samples of our foiled stationery, we would be than happy to send you a variety of foil stamped sample cards, so do not hesitate to ask us for a copy of your favourite design!

High Quality Metallic Finish

A beautiful metallic finish for your personalised stationery

Foil stamped wedding invitations

Our high-quality foil stamping is available on a number of designs across our categories of personalised stationery. Your personalised cards and invitations will sparkle and shine with the foil finish of your choice!

Hot Foil Stamping

We hot foil stamp your stationery using our vintage Heidelberg press

Mechanical foil stamping press

The hot foil stamping process allows us to press metallic foil onto your stationery using a heated mould. Our foil stamping team uses our vintage Heidelberg press to individually apply a beautiful foil finish to each card.

Three Foil Colour Options

Choose gold, silver or copper foil for your stationery

Three available foil finishes: gold, silver and copper

We have carefully selected three foil colours to adorn your personalised stationery: a beautiful warm gold, a luminous silver and an on-trend copper. Do let us know if you would like to see a sample of our three metallic foils!

An Artisanal Touch

We pay extra close attention to all of our foil stamped stationery

Foil stamped stationery

Each foil stamped card and invitation are printed, hot foil stamped, cut and verified under the watchful eyes of our in-house foil stamping experts. This artisanal process may require 2 to 5 additional days of production.

See our Heidelberg press in action

Hot foil stamping is a printing technique that allows us to apply a thin film of high-quality metallic foil to our personalised stationery, thanks to a system of pneumatics and heat. We have created metal stencils for each of our foiled designs, that are then heated up and used to press a thin layer of foil onto chosen elements of the text or illustration.

Our foil stamping experts apply layers of glittering foil to your personalised stationery every day using traditional techniques. They use their foil stamping know-how to regulate the set-up, calibration and temperature of our Heidelberg press. Each design uses a different stencil and each stencil works best at a different temperature. Thankfully our foil stamping experts take care of the technical part so all you have to do is choose from our luxurious gold, silver or copper foils! 

Check out the video to see our "Love Letters" wedding invitations go under the wheels of our artisanal hot foil stamping machine.