Christening Menus

Your Christening menu is a feast for the eyes before the actual feast is served. Each of our Christening menu designs matches one of our carefully curated Christening invitations. Your guests will be reminded of your beautiful Christening invitations and ceremony when they sit down to share a meal. Whatever style of meal you choose to have to celebrate your little one’s big day; a brunch, buffet or picnic, you can personalise your Christening menu to your personal taste. Your Christening menus will be so beautiful that your guests may even slip them in their bag to keep for inspiration! ... Read More

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Your personalised Christening menu as a keepsake

Your Christening menus will help to decorate a beautiful tablescape but that isn’t all they’re good for. These menus will not only make for beautiful Christening decorations but also as sweet keepsakes. Don’t forget to save a couple copies of your Christening menu to keep as a memento of this special occasion. You can take a walk down memory lane looking back on your child’s Christening menu as they grow and continue celebrating religious milestones. As this day is so precious and babies grow so quickly, you are sure to cherish your little one’s Christening stationery, clothing, photos and jewellery for years to come.