Christening Order of Service Booklets

Dress up your Christening order of service with Rosemood’s beautifully designed order of service booklets. If you personalise your ceremony with hand picked songs and readings then why not personalise your order of service to reflect your family’s style. Order your stylish order of service booklets in advance and slide your printed order of service sheets into them once you have the details of your Christening ceremony. Your guests will be impressed by your order of service booklets that will be nearly as lovely as your little one. ... Read More

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Personalised order of service to match your Christening stationery

Our order of service printing service is as tailored to your style and preferences as the rest of our Christening stationery is. Choose the same design as your Christening invitations for a coordinated look for your little one’s big day. The cohesive style of your Christening stationery will accompany your guests from the church to celebration and they can even take their order of service with them as a special keepsake from your little one’s first big religious milestone.