Christening Place Cards

Help your guests find their seat with our collection of personalised name cards. All of our Christening place cards were designed with our collection of Christening invitations in mind so that all of your Christening stationery will come together and create one cohesive look for your little one’s big day. Our Christening place cards can be personalised with your baby’s name and Christening date and all you have left to do is fill in your guests' names with your prettiest penmanship. With Christening place cards, your guests just have to find their table and their place card will show them to their exact seat (all while adding a touch of style to each table of course). ... Read More

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Beautifully cohesive and personalised Christening place cards

Place cards are practical but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful too. Use your Christening place cards as miniature decorations on your Christening tablescapes. Each of our place cards has a matching menu and gift tags so that you can style your Christening tables with ease. We print on both sides of our Christening place cards so you can even add a small surprise thank you message or meaningful bible verse to the inside of your place cards that only your most curious of guests will have the pleasure to discover.