Guest Information Cards

A guest information card is a handy way to give your guests a little bit more information and advice for your big day. Comfortable guests make for happy guests and happy guests make for an incredible wedding. Gone are the days of mismatch folded up pieces of paper to fill your guests in on the details. Our guest information cards are designed to compliment your wedding invitations without taking away from them. They’re printed on high-quality paper that your guests can put on their fridge and even take with them when travelling to your wedding. Sending guest information cards with your wedding invitations is a great way to inform your guests of not only addresses and accommodations but also the dress code and your preferences for their little cherubs. ... Read More

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What to include on your guest information cards

To start with the basics, you’ll want to include the exact address and directions to your wedding ceremony and reception venues on your guest information card. Let your guests know if you will providing transportation in between the two locations and if there is a certain time that you must leave the reception venue by. If you have reserved rooms for guests at a negotiated rate, give them the hotels’ contact information to book their rooms. Whether you have chosen to include children in the wedding festivities or not, your guest information cards are a good place to let your guests know if they should pack up their kids or start looking for a sitter. Your guest will appreciate if you include the dress code on your guest information card so they don’t show up under or over dressed and if you have many out of town guests, perhaps include some suggestions of local attractions and finally, if you have organised any weekend activities, a post-wedding brunch for example, this would be a great place to include that information.