Wedding Menus

Your wedding menu is a feast for the eyes before the actual feast is served. Each of our wedding menu designs matches one of our carefully curated wedding invitations. Your guests will be reminded of your beautiful wedding stationery style when they sit down at your wedding breakfast table. Whether you’re having a four course sit-down meal, a buffet lined with classic favourites or a food station style feast with all the trimmings, you can personalise your wedding menu to fit your taste. ... Read More

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A few tips to create the perfect wedding menu

The wedding menu is something that guests put a lot of focus on the day of the wedding but that tends to be left on the back burner (who doesn’t love a good wedding pun) during wedding stationery preparation. We pay more attention to what’s on the wedding menu than the actual paper menu itself. We at Rosemood recommend that you use your wedding menu to get your guests excited for the wedding breakfast. If you have chosen a rustic theme, perhaps feature wedding menu items that have been sourced locally and if you are trying to achieve a more high-end feel, perhaps swap out Starter, Main and Dessert with Entrée Plat and Dessert (à la française). With the right design and wording on your wedding menu, you could even make your mother-in-law’s overcooked tuna casserole sound appetizing. Presentation is half the battle!

Your wedding menu as a mouthwatering keepsake

There is so much to take in on your wedding day that it’s hard to remember every detail of your big day. Don’t forget to save a couple copies of your wedding menu to keep for years to come. You can take a walk down memory lane looking back on your wedding menu in five years to order the same wine or recreate your entire wedding breakfast for your tenth anniversary complete with original copies of your wedding menu to dress the table. You don’t have to be a scrapbooker or a hoarder to come up with a good reason to put your wedding menu to good use. You never know, your wedding menu could even be someone else’s “something borrowed” for their big day!