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Black Wedding Invitations

Black wedding invitations are perfect for the contrast-loving couple. What could be more representative of the beauty created by two unique individuals coming together as one or of the old-as-time phrase “opposites attract” than the polarity of black and white wedding invitations? Match your black wedding stationery to the groom’s crisp black tuxedo at your elegant evening wedding or try chalkboard style black wedding invitations for your retro celebration! Monochrome wedding invites are perfect for a minimalist wedding, but you can also use our photo wedding invitations to create retro wedding stationery with your favourite romantic photo in black and white! As well as the wedding invitation design, it will be your wedding invitation wording that sets the tone for your big day. A simple change of wording can turn your wedding invites from traditional to modern, and can even help you create evening wedding invitations.

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