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Vintage Wedding Invitations

Vintage style weddings are certainly gaining in popularity and vintage wedding invitations are unsurprisingly in high demand. Rosemood has curated a collection of vintage wedding invitations, streamlining them to fit the wants and needs of modern couples. There is no lack of inspiration for vintage weddings as couples can look back on eras passed, cherry picking their favourite elements of vintage weddings such as the retro fonts on vintage wedding invitations or the intricate detailing of vintage lace on their wedding tables. As always, our vintage wedding invitations can be personalised to reflect your own personal vintage esthetique. ... Read More

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Variations of vintage wedding invitations 

The designs of vintage wedding invitations can vary greatly depending on the look and feel of a specific decade a couple is trying to achieve. For some, vintage wedding invitations conjure up images of ivory lace and strings of pearls while others have a more art deco idea of vintage wedding invitations in mind. Our collection of vintage wedding invitations includes various styles that cover different decades. If you can’t find quite what you’re looking for or would like to combine designs to achieve your perfect image of vintage wedding invitations, don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can personalise our designs for you.

Five ways to incorporate vintage elements into your wedding

First, choose the perfect vintage wedding invitations as they will be one of the first vintage design elements that your wedding guests will see. Matching vintage day-of stationery will provide a bit of familiarity to your guests and help you create a cohesive look for your big day. Choose table names such as favourite authors or music groups from the decade that inspired your vintage wedding invitations. Play vintage-inspired music and serve vintage-inspired bites and beverages to fully immerse your guests in an ambiance from another era. Finally, flex your DIY muscles on a vintage backdrop (perhaps including some design elements from your vintage wedding invitations) where you and your guests can snap and print a few photos.