High-quality Paper For Your Photo Books

Here at Rosemood, we are passionate about paper! Feeling the grain of the paper between our fingers, flicking through the first pages of a freshly printed photo book, and admiring the sharpness of the colours printed in high definition- this is what we work for every day. We have taken great care to select our paper and are very proud to offer you two high-quality finishes for your photo books: textured ivory paper and smooth matte paper. We have chosen them for their unique feel, the impeccable quality that they give your printed photos, their ability to stand the test of time and their high weight. You will not find such beautiful papers anywhere else for your photo books.

Smooth Matte Paper

A high-quality paper that is smooth to the touch, that will give your photo a mild glossy finish.

Smooth matte paper for your photo books

This beautiful paper is pleasant to touch and is perfect for printing photos. This paper will give your photos a slightly glossy finish.

Weight of the softcover: 300 g/m²

Weight of the inside-pages: 150 g/m²

The satin coated cover has a slightly glossy finish.

Textured Ivory Paper

A high-quality paper with a light textured grain, giving your photos a matte finish.

High-quality ivory paper for your photo books

This ivory paper has a lightly textured grain. This texture will give your photo book a timeless and high-quality feel.

Weight of the softcover: 324 g/m²

Weight of the inside pages: 150 g/m²

The satin coated cover has a slightly glossy finish.