Personalised photo books with text

Add captions to your favourite memories

Inject some personality or humour into your photo albums by adding text to your photo books. Whilst you do not need to add a running commentary throughout, you can add captions to specific photos to make sure that no anecdote goes untold and introduce sections of your photo book with chapter pages. Creating personalised photo books with text makes retelling your favourite adventures a breeze as you flick through your photo with family and friends.

Personalised photo books with text

Add a title to your personalised photo book cover

A personalised title will be the perfect introduction to your personalised photo book. All of our photo book covers feature space for your title and our larger formats include text on the spine. The text on the spine will act as a quick reference if you fill your shelves with your very own collection of photo books to document the greatest moments of your life so far. Our photo book maker allows you to add your personalised text within minutes and you can be as creative or traditional as you wish.

The text on your hardcover photo books will be printed using our hot foil stamping. This luxurious metallic foiling is chosen to compliment the colour of your fabric photo book perfectly and is applied using artisanal techniques by our in-house foiling experts! This personalised text is an elegant introduction to some of your most treasured moments and will finish off your photo book in style!

Personalise the text on the pages of your photo book

Use our photo book maker to personalise the layout of each and every page of your photo book. We offer a range of layouts that include photo montages and single photos with text options.

Adding text to your wedding photo books can be a nice way to personalise your album to help tell the story of your day. You should, however, avoid adding too many comments as most photos will speak for themselves. Whilst you do not need to label obvious moments in the day, it can be nice to add comments to certain photos, noting, for example, a quote from the reading at the service or the name of your first dance song. Little captions can also be a great trigger for funny anecdotes, allowing you to relive these moments as you flick back through your photo book.

For a travel photo album, it is a good idea to note down the places that you have visited as we are sure that all of those Greek place names will run into one a few years down the line. Meanwhile, for birthday, christening or baby photo albums that may be handed down to your children, it is nice to note who is in the different photos as your children may not remember certain family friends when they flick through their photo albums with their own children in years to come!

Your personalised photo book with text is in safe hands!

We are committed to making sure that you love your personalised photo book, so your photo book will pass through the hands of our proofreaders and graphic designers before printing. All of the text in your personalised photo books will even be checked by our professional proofreaders as part of our complimentary retouching service. This will ensure that no sneaky typos make their way onto your personalised photo album cover as we will check all text down to even the most complicated place names!

Use page layouts with writing space for your photo album

Within our photo book maker you can choose from a wide variety of single and double-page layouts. Choose a layout depending on the number of photos you wish to put on each page and opt for a layout with or without space to write in your photo album. If you wish to add text to the inside pages of your photo album, you can do so by typing your captions or messages directly into our editing tool so that the text will be printed directly on your photo album. Alternatively, you can simply choose a photo book layout that offers sufficient space around the photo to be able to write a note by hand. If you are planning to write in your photo album, we would advise choosing our smooth matte or textured ivory papers and using a non-smudge pen that dries quickly to avoid any transfer between pages.