How to Create a Family Photo Album

Record Your Precious Memories

Whether you have recently had a professional family photo shoot or just want to gather together the photos from your family adventures and events, creating a photo album online is a great way to immortalise your favourite family photos. You can even create a new family tradition and personalise a family photo album every year so that you have a quick reference guide to the holidays spent and milestones celebrated together. We offer a range of elegant designs for your family photo albums and our photo book maker allows you to personalise every aspect of the inside pages down to the font used for the heading or captions!

Choose a design for your family photo albums

We have made it our mission to bring you a range of exclusive softcover photo album designs to help you create family photo albums that you can treasure for years to come. Have your family make the headlines with our magazine-inspired photo albums or opt for one of our colourful hardcover photo books to liven up your bookshelves! You can also use these designs to create a travel photo album if you are looking to create a beautiful souvenir of your latest family holiday. Choose the format of your family photo album based on the photos that you wish to share. If you have just spent your holidays surrounded by beautiful landscapes, then show off your panoramic photos with our landscape photo albums. Alternatively, if you have a new collection of family portraits then opt for a portrait format. If you are having difficulty deciding between our different photo album formats then do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team for some advice.

Personalise your family photo album

It is easy to personalise your family photo album from the comfort of your own home thanks to our online photo book maker. Once you have chosen your design, format, and size, you can go ahead and start building the inside pages of your family photo album. You can personalise every page of your photo book, right down to the font that you use for the text. We offer a range of layouts for the inner pages of your family photo album allowing you to add up to nine family photos to one page. Take a look at our photo advice for some hints and tips on how to choose the best photos for your family photo album, and note that a warning may appear on any of your photos that do not have a high enough resolution to guarantee a high-quality print. Our graphic designers will check the quality of your cover photo and whilst each individual photo will pass through our automatic retouching service to make sure that you are satisfied with your family photo album!

Narrate your family story by adding dates, place names or captions to your photos to make sure that you will remember when and where all your photos were taken for years to come. Write the year on the spine of the photo albums so that you can quickly pick out the right family photo album from your bookshelves, (please note that there is a minimum of pages required to have a spine thick enough to add text). Our talented proofreaders will even read through your text to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect!

Give a family photo album as a gift

Family photo albums make great gifts whether that be for mother’s day, father’s day or even Christmas. Your loved ones will be delighted to receive an elegant record of your adventures together when they receive your personalised family photo album. It is also a lovely excuse to go through your family photos together, allowing you to relive those special moments and retell all the funny stories that you had forgotten about. Spend a lovely evening as a family flicking through your collection of family photo albums and marvel at how much you have all changed over the years. Given that your family photo collection may have all started with your wedding photo album or your baby photo album, your collection will be a wealth of beautiful memories that you can have to hand on a daily basis! Our large photo books are great for special occasions, whilst our small photo books are a lovely way to record the joys of your everyday life!