How to personalise your stationery

Rosemood offers a range of stationery that can be personalised to suit your needs and style. Once you have chosen your favourite design, you can use our online editing tool to personalise your stationery! You will also be given a choice of paper and envelopes to help make your personalised stationery truly unique. You can then leave the rest to us, as we will then retouch, print and ship your personalised stationery. Take a look below to find out who you can personalise your text and photos using our online editing tool and what other changes can be made by our graphic designers for a small surcharge.

Personalise your stationery online

Our talented external and internal designers have created personalised stationery for all the happy occasions in your life. Whilst we may have the design that fits your style perfectly, it is important that you can personalise your stationery to suit your needs and taste. That is where our online editing tool comes in. Our online editing tool makes it easy for you to personalise the text and photos on your stationery. You can even save and come back to drafts of your personalised stationery!

Once you have found your favourite design for your personalised stationery, click on the red “Personalise” button to head over to our online editing tool. Simply click on the text or photo fields to personalise each element. If you click on a text field you will be able to type directly into the text box, and our “Text Tools” window will also pop up to allow you to change the font, colour and style of your text. Each text field contains sample text that you can replace with your own wording. You can also leave the text fields blank if you prefer to add a handwritten message to your personalised stationery.

When you click on a photo field you will be prompted to upload photos from your device. You can upload as many photos as you wish to your online account. Try dragging and dropping different photos into each photo field until you find the photos that you prefer. Our “Photo Editing Tools” window will also allow you to adjust the positioning, brightness and contrast of your photos, as well as giving you the option to add photo effects. Read on for a detailed look at our text and photo editing tools.

Advanced personalised changes

Want to change the colour of your wedding invitations or add an extra photo to your baby announcements? Get in touch with our friendly customer service team to see if your desired changes are possible as part of our advanced personalised changes. Whilst you can personalise the text and edit your photos within our online editing tool, our graphic designers can often work some extra magic in adding or removing text and photo fields or changing the colour or format of your personalised stationery. Some of these changes may incur a surcharge to cover the time that it takes for our graphic designers to create your bespoke version of our stationery designs. Paying that little extra could go a long way to making sure that you can create the wedding invitations or personalised stationery that you have been dreaming about! See our personalised stationery FAQ page for more information about advanced personalised changes.

How to personalise your text online

As mentioned above, each text field contains sample text, that you can then replace. This text can give you an idea of what you need to write on your personalised stationery, and may even form the basis of your text. To add your personalised text, simply delete the sample text, and type directly into the text field.

Whilst our designers have proposed a recommended font, colour and layout for your chosen design, you can personalise the style of your text as required. You can use our “Text tools” window to play around with the colour, size and style of your text. Take a look at the explanations below for more details on how to personalise your text using our online editing tool.  

1) Choose a font

For each design, we recommend specific fonts. These fonts are chosen based on the style of the design, so for modern stationery, we will recommend modern fonts, and for traditional stationery, we will suggest using traditional or cursive fonts. You can, however, use the font of your choice, by selecting the font from the drop-down list.


3) Alignment

You can also change the alignment of the text of your announcement: justified, or aligned to the right, left or centre. Text alignment options allow you to vary your presentation significantly. Our editing tool allows you to test all possible options and, if necessary, our graphic designers will retouch your text for the perfect layout.


5) Line spacing

Adjust the spacing between your lines of text by clicking on the + and - icons.


7) Colours

Our graphic designers have recommended certain colours for your text in order to match the style of your personalised stationery. These colours appear automatically within the “Text Tools” panel, but if you would like to choose another colour you can click on the + symbol to see the full list of available colours. To change the colour of your text, highlight your text and then click on the colour you have chosen.

2) Style

Here you can choose to put the text on your stationery in bold or italics. If when clicking on the bold or italics icons, nothing seems to happen, this will be because the font you have chosen does not allow this functionality.



4) Size

Once again the size of the sample text has been chosen by our graphic designers to suit the recommended layout. You can adjust the size of your text by simply highlighting the required text and clicking on the + and - buttons accordingly.



6) Letter spacing

 Adjust the spacing between the letters by clicking on the + and - icons.

How to upload and personalise your photos online

Some of our personalised stationery designs let you add your favourite photos. Take a look below for more information about the photo editing options available within our online editing tool. When you click on a photo field, our “Photo Editing Tools” panel will appear, giving you plenty of options to edit elements of your photo to create your perfect personalised stationery!

1) Move and position your photo

When you drag and drop your photo into the photo field, the photo will automatically fill the entire photo field. If you would like to move and crop the photo, you can do so by using the four arrow buttons to move the photo right, left, up or down within the photo field. You can also move your photo by clicking on the photo, and hold down the mouse with the photo then changing position as you move the mouse.




3) Rotate

 Use these buttons to rotate your photograph by 90 or 180 degrees.



5) Contrast

 The contrast is the difference between the light and dark parts of your photos. Low contrast in photos can sometimes give them a flat or dull appearance so you may wish to increase the contrast by sliding the scale to the right to improve the quality of your image.




7) Effect

 Our effect options allow you to put your photo into black and white or sepia.



2) Zoom

You may wish to zoom in on certain elements of your photo or zoom out to include more of the photo. To do so, simply click on your photo and then use the slider. Slide right to zoom in and left to zoom out. You can also use the scroll function on your mouse. Please be aware that the more you zoom in a photo the lower the resolution will become. You may, therefore, see a small triangular icon appear with an exclamation mark, to let you know that we will be unable to guarantee our usual high-quality printing for your photo. 


4) Brightness

Adjust the brightness of your photograph by using the sliding scale to lighten or darken the image.


6) Saturation

The saturation relates to the intensity of the colours in your photo. When you add a photo to your personalised stationery the saturation is set at zero. If you would like to intensify the colours in your image you can increase the saturation by sliding the scale to the right. If you would like to give your photos an aged feel, you can decrease the saturation fading the intensity of the colours.


8) Reset, change or delete the photo

If after playing around with our photo editing tools, you decide that you want to revert back to the original photo you can click on “Reset”. Otherwise, you can delete or change your photo to try out a different image.

Once you have personalised your stationery with the text and images of your choice, the rest is up to Rosemood. Read on to find out what else Rosemood can do to help you create your ideal personalised stationery!

Retouching your personalised stationery

Can’t seem to get the alignment of your text or the contrast of your photo right? Do not worry as Rosemood is here to help. Once you submit your order, our talented proofreaders and graphic designers will get to work optimising your personalised stationery for printing. We will double check your text for errors and adjust the formatting as required. Our graphic designers will even retouch photos to make sure that they look great in print. Don’t hesitate to leave a message in the special instructions box with your order to let us know what tweaks you would like us to make! If we make changes to your personalised stationery we will usually allow you to see the new version electronically before sending your creation to print. Take a look at our retouching service page for more details.